Downtown stormwater park

tavares, FL

In late June 2018, we deployed fifteen floating wetland islands in three lobes of the five lobed Downtown Stormwater Park pond. The area of the pond is about 3.09 acres (134.400 square feet). The total floating wetland area is 6,720 square feet (624.54 square meters). During the past three plus years, the nutrient harvest rates have steadily increased, as the ponds have matured and the nutrient inputs have increased. Stormwater that previously flowed directly into Lake Dora is now intercepted and treated by the new ponds with their associated floating wetlands. 

So far, lab analysis of the annually harvested biomass from the Beemats, indicates that we have prevented 469.42 pounds of nitrogen and 54.06 pounds of phosphorus from reaching Lake Dora.