Patrick Rogers

LOgistics & Development

 B.A. Engineering and Business - University of Texas at Tyler

Patrick has designed and developed several innovative techniques, tools, and machines during his two years with Beemats. He has overseen floating wetland projects in Florida, Virginia, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, and South Carolina, and continues to monitor and maintain all of our installations outside of Florida. His inventions have greatly improved Beemats’ goals of reducing nutrient pollution in stormwater using actively growing plants.


steve beeman


M.S. Marine Biology - University of Hawaii

Steve has worked with native Florida plant communities for 48 years, first as a field biologist for the State of Florida, then as the founder of Ecoshores, Inc., planting over 2,500 acres of native habitat. In 2000, he started Beeman’s Nursery with his son, Forest, and they developed and patented Beemats Floating Wetlands in 2009. He has authored several papers related to coastal ecosystems, native plants and floating treatment wetlands.

forest beeman

vice President

B.S. Environmental Horticulture - Texas A & M University

Forest is the co-founder of Beemats and current president of Beeman’s Nursery. Over the past 22 years, he has produced a wide variety of native grasses, shrubs and aquatic plants for use in Florida landscapes, restoration projects, and along miles of dunes, pond banks and estuarine shorelines. He has researched plant selections for  utilization in Beemats Floating Wetlands that led to enhanced nutrient removal efficiencies in freshwater and salt affected stormwater ponds.