Islands of plants, floating on mats, built to any size and shape. 

As the plants on Beemats Floating Wetlands grow, the bio-available nutrients in the water are taken up by the roots and stored in the tissues.  Periodic harvesting of the mature plants prevents the sequestered nutrients from re-entering the water when the plants die and decompose.

Our patented floating wetland system allows for easy harvesting and replanting to optimize nutrient removal.  Puzzle cut mats, joined by nylon connectors, may be assembled in any size and shape.  Once the mats are connected, plants can be inserted into pre-cut holes.  The plants may be indigenous emergent aquatics or any species that grows well hydroponically.  The planted islands can be anchored to the bottom or tethered to adjacent shorelines. ​

Plant removal is the key

We have been conducting experiments for 20 years to develop a system that provides the benefits of vegetated littoral shelves without the problems associated with fluctuating water levels.  Using interlocking mats and aquatic plants in perforated pots, we can create a shallow water environment on pond surfaces.  Suspending the roots in the water, with attached biofilm, multiplies the nutrient absorption efficiency. 

To learn even more about the science behind Beemats, you can visit our Science Page.