Islands of plants, floating on mats, built to any size and shape. 

As plants grow, the excess nutrients in the water are taken up and stored in their tissues.  Periodic harvesting of the mature plants prevents the stored nutrients from re-entering when the plants die and decompose.

Our patented floating wetland system provides an easy way to remove the entire plant and replant the mats to increase nutrient removal.

Plant removal is KEY! 

Increased biomass equals increased nutrient removal!Over the past twenty years, we have been conducting experiments to devise a system that provides the benefits of vegetated littoral shelves without having to deal with the problems associated with changing water levels. Using interlocking mats, combined with aquatic plants in perforated pots, we can suspend a simulated shallow water environment. This not only takes care of fluctuating water levels, but also produces oxygen, takes nutrients and pesticides out of the water, and provides habitat for wildlife utilization.

‚ÄčOur patented floating plant mat consists of puzzle cut mats held together by nylon connectors. These mats may be assembled in any size or shape. After the mats are connected, plants are inserted into pre-cut holes. The plants may be any species of emergent aquatics. The mats can be attached to anchors or shoreline stakes.

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