EScambia County


The Water Quality and Land Management Division of Escambia County , Florida has devised a unique way to clean up stormwater, create estuarine habitat and stabilize intertidal shorelines utilizing Beemats floating treatment wetlands.

 In early June, 2018 we installed 36 floating wetlands in Jackson Lake, covering 20,800 square feet, and growing 52,000 native grasses and rushes. After the plants have matured and soaked up excess nutrients from Jackson Lake’s water, County biologists will harvest them and deliver them to State and Federal environmental agencies for natural shoreline establishment projects. The first wetland islands will probably be harvested in early August. 

The plants are grown in biodegradable pots within the Beemats, so transplanting is easier and more efficient. The transplants have well developed roots, leading to faster establishment and enhanced erosion control.   After harvest, the structural components of the Beemats will be rolled up and stored until the spring, when they will be  replanted for next summer’s crop of shoreline grasses.