Rose Hill

L-5 Pond

Hanover county, virginia


As part of the County’s Chesapeake Bay TMDL nutrient reduction plan, we installed floating treatment wetlands in four stormwater ponds between September 2017 and September 2019. One pond is located in Ashland, Virginia and three ponds are situated in Mechanicsville, Virginia. 

In total, we planted 37,952 square feet of floating wetland islands; 5,248 square feet in the L-5 pond in Ashland, 4,352 square feet in the Liberty Hall Hills pond, 8,288 square feet in the Covenant Woods pond and 20,064 square feet in the Rose Hill pond. Those three ponds are in Mechanicsville. We were asked to plant ten percent of the ponds’ surface areas since the Chesapeake Panel doesn’t consider annual harvesting when applying BMP efficiencies. According to their guidelines, the presence of these floating wetlands will increase nitrogen removal in these ponds by 17 – 23 % and will increase phosphorus removal by 16 – 25 %, per year.   

Liberty Hall Hills Pond

Covenant Woods

beemats floating wetlands

Liberty Hall Hills Pond