huntington avenue pond

 brevard county, FL


The Huntington Avenue Pond covers 3.06 acres (133,293.6 square feet). We installed 6,665  square feet of floating treatment wetlands in February 2016, which is 5 % of the pond’s surface area. This is a rural area, with saline influences from the nearby Indian River Lagoon.  The floating wetlands are planted with salt tolerant plants, which are harvested every four months by trimming the roots and shoots. The meristems in the aerated pots are returned to the pond to regenerate fresh biomass. Since actively growing plants are crucial to nutrient removal from stormwater, this harvesting technique has been adopted here due to the prolific plant growth. The average nutrient uptake rates are 212.78 grams / N /  m2 year and 40.62 grams P / m2 / year. These numbers translate to around 290.57 pounds of nitrogen per year and 55.47 pounds of phosphorus per year. We estimate that these floating wetland islands have prevented  1,452.85 pounds of nitrogen and 277.35 pounds of phosphorus from reaching the Indian River Lagoon estuary during the past six years.​