wickham park treatment pond

Brevard County, Florida

This 4.5 acre pond receives stormwater from adjacent residential, commercial and recreational property and drains through a shallow ditch to the Indian River.  We installed 9,760 square feet of floating wetlands, planted with fresh water macrophytes in July, 2016. 

The nutrient uptake rates by the harvested biomass in this pond are substantial, measuring 371.12 g N / sq. m. / yr.   (3,308 lbs. N / acre / yr.) and 32.83 g P / sq. m. / yr.  (292.68 lbs. P / acre / yr.).  In the next couple of months, we will conduct an experiment at this site with a SolarBee water circulator, similar to the one last year at Merritt Ridge.  We will compare biomass production and nitrogen and phosphorus uptake rates between floating wetlands that receive nutrient rich water from the depths of one portion of the lake, with a control area of floating wetlands at the opposite end of the pond.  This data will allow us to compare floating wetland efficiency in a saline environment (Merritt Ridge)  with the performance in a freshwater pond (Wickham Park).

beemats floating wetlands